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Happy birthday Takumu~!

Today is Takumu's birthday ♥

Happy birthday ♥

Haha, I always intended to mention the boys' birthdays, maybe do a little doodle to celebrate every now and then but I'd always always forget;;. Then I happened to look at the birthday list and saw that today was Takumu's birthday, it just seemed like too good a coincidence to miss ♥

Of course, too late into the drawing I realised I'd drawn him the wrong side to have his earring, oh no~. That's his signature D: so I drew one to the side, instead.

Next birthday is Ichii, on November 11th ♥. Haha oh god I can't draw Ichii at all. (Well, let's see if I remember, first.)
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Happy Birthday! Rawr! I'm slowly learning Japanese and it's going quite slowly because I'm being slow about it. I have a kanji dictionary that teaches the reader how to write it correctly and its strokes. And I also have a Japanese dictionary. Maybe I should scan that kanji book before I have to give it back this semester. I should draw some Kiss x Kiss fanart too ^^ It looks like you've improve through your art! It looks real good!
Haha well, I've got all sorts of books and things lying around the place and I'm still not very good with it XD;;; though through staring at Makoto's scenarios enough I can now recognise the kanji for "cooking", haha. One program I use which is pretty useful is at http://www.njstar.com/ - the Japanese word processor, it has a dictionary built in in it, and also ways to identify kanji if you don't know them, so if you're willing to stare at a page of radicals then it's slowly possible to find out what you're looking at, haha. It's mainly what I use when I want to find out roughly what's going on in Seirei, so I can get the gist of what's going on~ (not in a confident enough way to be able to say "I COULD TRANSLATE THIS!!11!1!" or anything, but it helps)

Ehehe, thank you ♥ just recently I thought I'd give my tablet another ago, and I've been drawing more Seirei fanart with it~. It's pretty fun, and of course easier to get drawings onto the computer now I can't use my scanner XD