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Yay, some good news!

Hi, it's sho-chan again.
I am here to bring good news,
one, I am replaying the video game again
and two,
fanfiction.net has accepted my request.
Which means, we can now post fanfiction into the new
Kiss x Kiss: Seirei Gakuen section.
Right now there are any in there, but I might start
putting a few of my better fanfics in there.

What about you guys?
If you are curious, here is the e-mail I have received from them.

From: categories@fanfiction.com
To: sho-chan

Reply: Added.  Please note that if it does not show up during search/browsing, it is because there has been no fictions written under the particular category.  But rest assured that it is in the system.
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