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Wishful thinking again

Have you guys ever had these kind of feelings? Where you want to spread the love of a certain game, or interest to everyone and somehow convert them into liking what you like? That is how I am feeling with Kiss Kiss. I want to badly translate it so it would attract more attention and love, like how at this one topic in Neoromance forums, there is a topic where they asked which otome game would be good for a beginner to the otome world, and I was so shocked that nobody chose or mentioned Kiss Kiss. I know it is not a very popular game in the first place, but I feel so sad that it is being forgotten like that. There must be a way, I don't know, maybe, hopefully one of Yagami Chitose's manga will become a game again like Kiss Kiss. What should I do? Is it really an impossible dream? I love to hear your opinions on this. And what mgiht be the progress that is going on in Kiss Kiss game, if there is any.
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