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Wishful thinking again

Have you guys ever had these kind of feelings? Where you want to spread the love of a certain game, or interest to everyone and somehow convert them into liking what you like? That is how I am feeling with Kiss Kiss. I want to badly translate it so it would attract more attention and love, like how at this one topic in Neoromance forums, there is a topic where they asked which otome game would be good for a beginner to the otome world, and I was so shocked that nobody chose or mentioned Kiss Kiss. I know it is not a very popular game in the first place, but I feel so sad that it is being forgotten like that. There must be a way, I don't know, maybe, hopefully one of Yagami Chitose's manga will become a game again like Kiss Kiss. What should I do? Is it really an impossible dream? I love to hear your opinions on this. And what mgiht be the progress that is going on in Kiss Kiss game, if there is any.
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This is basically my life, but I've not got anywhere with it ;P I mean, I tell people about it and try to plug it around the place but *shrugs* I guess without the game being in English it's not really going to work :/ (and I mean, cute as the manga is, I think it could put some people off ^^;;)...

I just wish translating the game was something I could do, because then I'd totally do it, but more than lacking the Japanese language skills I totally don't know ROM-hacking, so that's that :/ and with these things, on the internet, it's pretty much "if you want to do something, do it yourself"... the chances of getting anybody else, anybody unrelated to/uninterested in the game involved in being willing to translate a game with so much text, seems pretty low :/

I live in hope, but it's a pretty deluded kind of hope I guess XD;
I thought maybe we could try and do as a group, after all we are a community here. I remembered trying to translate it during my youth and summer days, boy it's hard looking up kanji with the game screen window and a kanji website, and staring at it for so long..

It might have drove me crazy at first haha. I gotten into the idea once again, so if we could somewhat get into it again, maybe something will work out in the end. Of course if the passion there still exists. Yeah, we can only hope!
Well, maybe, but that depends on people showing interest... and basically I get surprised when anybody who isn't me posts to this community XDD;;

But yeah, when I play it I tend to play it with NJStar (have you tried that? v. useful) to the side so I can look up things when I really want to know what's going on with a scene~. But I think looking up kanji for Seirei has helped me learn/recognise a little ♥ (mainly school-related words, haha XD)

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I've tried, with no decent amount of Japanese to pass through it! I played so many otome games, I usually do the research about it before getting into it. Or else I feel so lost that I want to stop playing (like in Angelique, I didn't understand it very much..). Do you think there is a script in the game? I would think so, something like webkare (then again it was created with javascript and the option to copy right out of it..). How much have you translated by the way? You mentioned about it a couple of times, and I don't mean to rush you Ume-san! Don't try to do everything by yourself! I mean if you got the introduction done, that's quite the accomplishment!

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I remember once in years gone by finding a thing that could rip/view scripts from SNES games... I think it only worked for English games but I remember being pretty impressed at the time ♥.

Problem with the Seirei game is, as far as I can tell, the text is stored like... I mean, there's a lot of text, right? So rather than have all the text all the time they'll have picture-tiles of the kanji/hiragana/katakana they need, and rather than the entire text-based script they use those graphic tiles for the script and use pointers (I think? May not be the right word) to kind of, well, point to what tile needs to be used when (so they can have a large script made up of pointers and only one of each tile needed, if that makes sense)... so I guess if it was possible to pinpoint which location in the ROM corresponded to the text-tile sections and it was possible to work out which bits of code corresponded to which graphic tile then maybe it'd be possible to work something out, but... that's... well, thinking about it for too long makes my head hurt, and that's before even trying D:

In short: GBA ROMs are a pain in the ass :D

Angelique was kind of hard though, you had to kind of know what you were doing with the interaction scenes else you'd pretty much end up with the Queen ending all the time XD (or run out of time and end up with the Queen ending, as I did most times...) Then again when I first played through Tokimeki Memorial I didn't realise you had to like, phone girls to make dates XD I felt so mystified on getting game over but once I worked that out it was like "ohhh I know what I did wrong :x", haha.

If only Seirei could be like a PC game where the text is accessible by AGTH, huh D: (doesn't help that scenes change depending on affection levels, either...)
And thinking that another one of Yagami Chitose's manga could become a game... the more I think about it the more I think we're lucky we got the Seirei game to begin with, it seems to have had quite a lot of effort put into it all things considered XD;;;

BUT I do wonder if any of her works would ever get animated (seems more likely than any more games, at least). Is it wrong that whenever I see other things from Ciao (the magazine her works mostly get published in) animated I get a little jealous? XD;;;