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Generate the summer fun?

I wanted to suggest an idea, and feel free to agree or disagree, but perhaps to make the community a bit more lively we can begin an event here. Something like, here is a few screenshots from the game and think up creatively what the heck is going on or what the character is saying. It could as naughty as our fangirl imagination, or something reasonable, and if anyone is free, they could translate the scene and see whether or not our answers were right on the mark or way off. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

We could always type down a list of wishful thinking, for example "I want to go swimming with Mizuki, and then I drown, but he saves with CPR", or something less detailed "I want to be Kazuya's model!" and etc. Another fun activity which is usually found on forums is "You know you are addicted to ______ when" if anyone wants to try that too.

I was thinking that maybe to bring more visitors and, or members into the community is by making kiss x kiss seirei gakuen videocaming the gameplay. That is how I got into other otome games, just by looking up one and then another, and then another!

But I may be wrong with these ideas, because I do not exactly know what the community needs perhaps. Anyways I look forward to your ideas, and opinions!
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I think with the screenshot thing I'd be too tempted to work out what they were actually saying XD ("Yoshikuni thinks Kazuya is romantic!? Wait, what?!" he does say that at one point...)

I have thought for a while of doing a Let's Play of Seirei Gakuen, except I haven't quite worked out how to get my microphone working + any software that could reasonably record both my playing the game and my speaking at the same time Dx I'll keep at it~
So shall we start a game like that? It sounds like a lot of fun especially since it's summertime soon for me~ With technology these days there ought to be a software for the job. I think if you check out on Youtube and search up MMVs, it might give you an idea how those work. Some people just screenshot the whole scene (and stick them together and create an animated .gif file) or use a program where you click a certain button on the keyboard (F8 or something) to record and pause and etc. I'll like to see it happening =D!!!
The date with our earring'd playboy would definitely fit the bill.


That always makes me laugh. It also reminds me of Duel Love where one of the activities is blowing away the steam in the shower when you peep on the boy. (Seriously)
I could never understand what had happened there. Wasn't it like they were going to the beach or something and for some reason you walk on to him while showering? I found the shower scene in Duel Love really weird!

And it didn't seemed so accidental, especially when I went after the shota-looking kid (forgot his name sighs). You could hear him humming while showering, and mist covering their partial body parts xD

Did you find the moaning and groaning hot? I didn't really find it embarrassing, or exactly hot.. it was strange and perhaps disturbing? Actually I never realized them because I was too focused trying to beat the mini-games xDDDD
In KissXKiss you walking in is totally accidental. You're waiting outside and after waiting forever check it out and get an eyeful.

In Duel Love... I think that the scenario is initially that you're looking for where they went and then are stuck in that chancy position of wanting to leave/see but not wanting to caught either way.

But the peeping is FAR less pervy in kissXkiss.

I wasn't sure about the "wiping the sweat" and massage groans. They're strange and kind of mixed. Like... I could imagine them being attractive- but it took some thought. The red head's "moans" were hilarious. I mean he honks like a duck-creature!! XP
I do love how freaked out the player-character gets over that XD considering in the manga Takumu always seems to be out of most of his clothes more often than being in them... (though never to that degree I guess, haha XD)

Duel Love is funnn~~ though I got annoyed that while it has a large and interesting cast, you can only date the main characters, who by and large didn't ~particularly interest me as much as some of the side-characters D: would like to date the hot school nurse plz. When I found that out it was like, why have a cast that big in a date sim if you can't date most of them? D: Seirei has ruined me, what with its "every male character has an ending" thing XD
I really wanted to go after the twins, they seemed pretty cool! Or the foreign exchange student! I was kind of upset you weren't able to go after them! But most of them were pretty unique, but I didn't really understand the point of the female characters that were in the game like the blue-haired girl with glasses.

Seirei is pretty out of the box, the only limitation is that it will never go on other consoles with new side stories and etc to continue the fun of it. I mean there's slashing going on, rivalries, clichés, multiple loves at once, etc, etc. I really wished it was a series like Harukanaru or something! Oh well we can always make our own dating simulations and make a doujin game for it or something...
I was also fond of the brown-haired guy with glasses, he was pretty cute ♥. And yeah, it's not like there was much scope in that game for rivalry (not like there was in Seirei either, but at least you could use the girls for friendship and items) (gotta love the morals and ethics of Seirei, "I will replay over and over until most of the L-motion wheel is boys falling for me, and make friends with girls for only as long as they have things to give me! Awesome!")... I remember rather liking the girls in Tokimemo GS 1, but at least you could get cute endings and CG events with them...

Yeah, it's great as it is, but every once in a while I do imagine what it'd be like on the PS2 or even the DS or something (would be better, I can't play non-UK PS2 games XD)... not that that would ever happen, but, sigh~.

Still, even the 'bigger' otome series like Harukanaru, Angelique, Tokimemo GS etc still feel pretty obscure at least in the English-speaking fandom (and from then, the crossover between "otome games fan" and "slashing all the boys in otome games fan" is even smaller for some reason, so I'm always reluctant to go searching), it took ages even for Angelique to get a proper TV series D: (I hope that anything by Yagami Chitose will one day get animated, I'm interested in seeing how her character designs would translate to animation...)

Actually I've been working on trying to make a Seirei doujin game with Ren'py, but it's not progressed enough for me to really tell people about it XD I won't feel I've got anywhere until I've at least finished a script draft, since I'm so bad at finishing things;;
Ah! You're making a Seirei doujin game with Ren'py? I was thinking about doing something like that too! But I am starting something rather simple than to start on doujin-related stuff! I can't wait to see more progress on it! Do tell more in the future about it! Maybe we can collaborate together or something~ Is it going to be yaoi? Or another dating simulation, but in Englsih of course xD
Actually, when it comes to scenes where you wonder WTF they're saying, there's always the scene where Akihiro says Shin's music makes him hot... which is what he says! He actually says it! That is absolutely and completely 100% what he is saying and I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT HE MEANS BY IT. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I MEAN. IS THIS SOME JAPANESE USE OF THE WORD "HOT" THAT DOESN'T CARRY OVER, OR DOES SHIN'S MUSIC UNIVERSALLY BRING THE HORN? AGH AKIHIRO WHAT DO YOU MEEEAN

It's one of those things I've thought about far, far too much. Probably one of the things that got me slashing Seirei in the first place, haha. Doesn't take much.