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~Seirei Gakuen~


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~About the Community~

Basically, this a Livejournal community for fans of the GBA girl's dating simulation game, KissxKiss Seirei Gakuen. In this game, you (as the heroine) set your sights on the five attractive male idols of the Seirei Gakuen school council; it's your aim to woo one of these guys before the end of the game. As well as the five council members there are five other schoolboys as well as two teachers and four out-of-school characters to chase after... so all in all, there's some sixteen fellows to chase after in this game. Not a bad selection, really...

I mean, come on. It's got pretty schoolboys in it. What more do you want? :D


Basically, don't be a moron. Don't start flamewars over stupid things. Don't start random arguments over people liking yaoi, people not liking yaoi, people liking or not liking het/yuri/etc.

No character-bashing. Accusations towards their sexual habits are fine, though. (Yoshikuni XOOO) (Kidding, kidding.) (Well...)

If you're posting fanart or fanfiction, please use a LJ-cut and give us some idea of what we're clicking - give warnings in advance for anything explicit, we might be checking Livejournal in a public IT room or something. If you like, follow this kind of template for posting:

Title: Title of the fic
Characters/Pairing: Who's in it
Rating/Warnings: Is it light and fluffy or full of mad secks?
Notes: Anything else you'd like to tell us.
Summary: A little so we know what it's about.


Feel free to post anything as long as it stays on-topic. Fanart, fanfics, wallpapers, icons, general ramblings on the game, dreams of If There Was Ever A Seirei Gakuen Anime, whatever. If you're new, feel free to post an introduction~ I always like to know who's using my communities ^^

Don't post OMG I WNT SEIREN ROM KPLZZZZTHXBYE OR U DI3 OMGWTFBBQ etc though. ROMs are illegal, mmmkaay?

When it comes to fanart/fanfics/whatever, anything is okay. Yaoi, yuri, het, I don't mind. But my favourite is yaoi. Hint hint. *wibbly eyes*


http://www.bandaigames.channel.or.jp/list/gba_kisskiss/ - Bandai's site for the game

http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n08/software/b2kj/ - Nintendo's site for the game

http://tabi.sorcerer-hunters.org/Seirei/index.php - My site for the game (provisional, not up yet) (had to move, y'see...)

~Pretty Pictures of the Characters~

~Other Seirei Gakuen communities~

seirei_gakuen - This one, obviously. The first community we made, everything goes here. Random chitchat about the game, random thoughts on the characters, fanfics, fanart, translations of random bits, pictures, things we've found on the internet, whatever. The main Seirei Gakuen community.

seireigakuen100 - Weekly challenges are posted and you try to write a hundred-word drabble on said posted challenge.

seirei_15 - Fic challenge community for Seirei. Fifteen challenges for you to write Seirei ficlets on; select a pairing to write about, submit it, start writing~

seirei_20things - The Twenty Things Meme, Seirei style. Tell us twenty things about your favourite characters.