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[12 Oct 2010|02:52am]


Enami is not pleased~

Because I was bored and made this a long time ago
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If there was a doujin game of Seirei Gakuen? [24 Jun 2009|09:40pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I was thinking about how visual novels work, and when it comes to doujin games, they're fan-made right? If anyone of us were to make one, what kind of a story would you prefer or want? Would you want it to be interactive? Voiced? Linear or non-linear? Lots of choices? No choices? Should it involves all the bachelors? Or certain bachelors? Yaoi? Girl after boy? Visual novel? Or dating simulation? Or stats-based?

'm having a little bit of trouble of what people really want when it comes to them, because I'm making my own little visual novel (not a Kiss x Kiss one, but I'll get on that after I finish a few visual novels first). I would like to hear everyone's input on it.

In my opinion I prefer dating simulation with one or two interactive components involved, as a girl x boy game. Yaoi is OK, but I find that it is usually 18 and over age thing going on, and it's kind of embarrassing to play when my parents are around. Voiced is actually kind of refreshing, especially if you recgonized some words. Although there are very few seiryuus that I like in each game that I've played, except for Uwasa no Midori-kun series (most of their voices are boyish and in middle range, not varying too much, but enough that it doesn't hurt your poor ears!).

I tried thinking up a good plot for a kiss x kiss seirei gakuen doujin game, but I realized that most visual novels are kind of hard to pull off. Since it circulates itself around mostly plot and character. You really need to know the character in order to get the audience to enjoy the character and the plot/point of the game. And then there's the art, not much can be say there unless you get yourself an artist or that you are an artist.

Others who are also making a game with whatever engine (example: Ren'py, Novelty, Blade, Game Maker, etc), good luck and I wish you lots of success! (note: I'm working on my second game, it's called "A Bad Liar", the first game being put on a pause at the moment.) 

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Generate the summer fun? [15 Jun 2009|09:02pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I wanted to suggest an idea, and feel free to agree or disagree, but perhaps to make the community a bit more lively we can begin an event here. Something like, here is a few screenshots from the game and think up creatively what the heck is going on or what the character is saying. It could as naughty as our fangirl imagination, or something reasonable, and if anyone is free, they could translate the scene and see whether or not our answers were right on the mark or way off. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

We could always type down a list of wishful thinking, for example "I want to go swimming with Mizuki, and then I drown, but he saves with CPR", or something less detailed "I want to be Kazuya's model!" and etc. Another fun activity which is usually found on forums is "You know you are addicted to ______ when" if anyone wants to try that too.

I was thinking that maybe to bring more visitors and, or members into the community is by making kiss x kiss seirei gakuen videocaming the gameplay. That is how I got into other otome games, just by looking up one and then another, and then another!

But I may be wrong with these ideas, because I do not exactly know what the community needs perhaps. Anyways I look forward to your ideas, and opinions!

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[ Fanart ] ♥ [21 May 2009|12:01pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, while we're all posting things I might as well post the fanart I've had knocking around for a while I kept meaning to post but didn't ♥. Now my tablet seems to be working again I should pay attention to when all the Seirei birthdays are... (is it wrong I have them loaded into my mobile phone? It is, isn't it? Yes, yes it is)

In which I have fun with Makoto's family...Collapse )

Well, that's all I got for now. Better do some more, right? :3 (... maybe writing's more my forte...)

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Wishful thinking again [19 May 2009|10:28pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Have you guys ever had these kind of feelings? Where you want to spread the love of a certain game, or interest to everyone and somehow convert them into liking what you like? That is how I am feeling with Kiss Kiss. I want to badly translate it so it would attract more attention and love, like how at this one topic in Neoromance forums, there is a topic where they asked which otome game would be good for a beginner to the otome world, and I was so shocked that nobody chose or mentioned Kiss Kiss. I know it is not a very popular game in the first place, but I feel so sad that it is being forgotten like that. There must be a way, I don't know, maybe, hopefully one of Yagami Chitose's manga will become a game again like Kiss Kiss. What should I do? Is it really an impossible dream? I love to hear your opinions on this. And what mgiht be the progress that is going on in Kiss Kiss game, if there is any.

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Fanfics~ [23 Mar 2009|08:55pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I updated my fanfics website and figured that the fics I updated were harmless enough to post to Livejournal as well (since Livejournal's War on Fandom I've been a bit paranoid -__-;;), so, here they are ♥.

Cocoon - Keigo/Yoshikuni
Summary: Years after Seirei Gakuen, Yoshikuni faces the prospect of his university graduation. Despite this, he still finds himself haunted by things that happened back then and even long past those days, he still finds a way to inflict this on those around him.

Rainfall - Keigo, Yoshikuni, Akihiro
Summary: The rain falls and Keigo watches.

The Law - Shin/Akihiro
Summary: Shin and Akihiro seem to base their relationship on things left unspoken. This, too, seems to be one of their conditions.

Small Steps - Akihiro/Shin
Summary: The final day spent at Seirei Gakuen brings the graduation ceremony; Shin takes some time to think over what this means before going to meet with Akihiro afterward, then wondering what that means.

I'd wanted to do more birthday!pictures for the Seirei boys, but my tablet decided it'd be a good idea to pack up Dx I've got it sorted now but between October and now, I've missed a bunch of birthdays (wah Shin wahh)~. Well, there's no harm in catching up, I suppose.

I also scanslated one of the little omake chapters from... I think it was volume two, of the manga? I'll post that up at some point ♥. Need to retrieve it off my other hard drive~. Just one of the short ones since my Japanese isn't up to much, but even I was able to understand what was going on in that one enough to do something like that XD

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A novel? [05 Feb 2009|09:33pm]

[ mood | curious ]


It looks like there might be a novel of Manga Mitai na Koi Shitai? Anybody with any real grasp of Japanese able to confirm/deny/give more information on this? I did see in previous blog posts that she was talking about something to do with that series, but a novel... that's pretty unexpected ^^ (auu, it's hard enough with manga, there's no way I could understand anything of a novel...)

In any case, whatever's going on, it looks like it's on sale now, though I did a search on t'Japanese Amazon and couldn't find anything there, so maybe it's not up there yet. I'll keep an eye out, anyway.

Tomoya's looking good there, isn't he? ♥.

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Bubbles? [19 Dec 2008|05:02pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I was always wondering about the bubble scene, where it's blue and has bubbles in the background. Does it mean it's a confession or something? Maybe if someone translated one of the bubble scenes we'll understand, hm. Does anyone have an idea?

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Yay, some good news! [01 Nov 2008|06:46pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi, it's sho-chan again.
I am here to bring good news,
one, I am replaying the video game again
and two,
fanfiction.net has accepted my request.
Which means, we can now post fanfiction into the new
Kiss x Kiss: Seirei Gakuen section.
Right now there are any in there, but I might start
putting a few of my better fanfics in there.

What about you guys?
If you are curious, here is the e-mail I have received from them.

Click HereCollapse )</div>

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[ Icons ~ ] [30 Oct 2008|06:46pm]

[ mood | listless ]

I made a bunch of icons, including some Seirei ones ♥ (it's been a while, hasn't it... I should go through the manga scans again ♥). I wanted to icon all the CG events but ran out of patience, haha. Anyway, here's what I have...


( Follow the fake cut~ )
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Doesn't this look fun? [24 Oct 2008|05:05pm]

[ mood | calm ]

[KXKSG] Advertisment by Love Translate
Caption:Knights Imparadise Special Service.
Website: Nintendo's Official Website
What do you think about this? Interesting, ne? ;D
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Kawaii, her drawings has improved! [14 Oct 2008|07:59pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


from her personal blog

here for a quick translation from Yahoo! Babel FishCollapse )

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Happy birthday Takumu~! [14 Oct 2008|11:48am]

[ mood | awake ]

Today is Takumu's birthday ♥

Happy birthday ♥

Haha, I always intended to mention the boys' birthdays, maybe do a little doodle to celebrate every now and then but I'd always always forget;;. Then I happened to look at the birthday list and saw that today was Takumu's birthday, it just seemed like too good a coincidence to miss ♥

Of course, too late into the drawing I realised I'd drawn him the wrong side to have his earring, oh no~. That's his signature D: so I drew one to the side, instead.

Next birthday is Ichii, on November 11th ♥. Haha oh god I can't draw Ichii at all. (Well, let's see if I remember, first.)
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It has been a long time since this place has updated... [13 Oct 2008|09:14pm]

[ mood | RAWR ]

I was thinking to myself and I thought we should try to spread the word of the game. You know update the wikipedia page, have a separate page for the game as well. The manga and the game itself are two different things. We could add character bio, what they like and etc. Good idea? Or make an unofficial site? Or update Tabi's anyways? Should we have more dicussion on this topic?

Any progress with translating the game? Or uploading scans of the manga? Only chapter one of Kiss Kiss is translated. Maybe we could do a scanlation on it or something? Maybe I have too many ideas going on, but can we really let this community die?

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Hi! [24 Jul 2008|11:13am]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm new to LJ and to the community.
I read back a few old pages just to catch up with everyone else.
I'm a little confused who to use, Honma Sanae or Nao Fujisaki
as the heroine when it comes to writing drabbles and stories.
Does it really matter who it is?
Because personally, Honma Sanae could be anyone
she wants to be when Nao Fujisaki kind of has a personality already.

Anyways, I was thinking of posting something later
in the seireigakuen100 soon.
I'm glad it's still open right now!

Oh, you can also call me Sho-chan.
Thank you very much!

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Howdy! [27 Apr 2008|08:54am]

Long time player, first time poster here.

A couple quick and dirty questions:
  1. Cartridges; where do you buy them? The ROM is fine and all but I'd really prefer to have a cartridge. There used to be a site that sold them (I think Yes!Asia, maybe?) but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Am I out of luck?

  2. Someone mentioned a site that tells you where to find characters at different times on every day of the year and offered to post the link ... but never did. Could I have the URL please? Sugar on top?
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[08 Mar 2008|07:33am]

[ mood | amused ]

I was surfing the net looking for Yagami Chitose's 'Kiss Kiss' raws, where I happened to crash into a few sites. After awhile I gave up, and began trying to figure out those Seirei boys profiles. With the help of Google's image search and translation (and an online dictionary), I was able to complete an English profile of them!

Yagami Chitose - A new blog?
Yagami Chitose Fansite (works best with Internet Explorer, because you may not be able to scroll down)

Here is the completed list. (It was a bit laggy to made the table though.)
Oh, Happy Birthday to Shin-san, even if it is a bit late..

(also, I tested out some of the codes, I have a lot of free time.)

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[02 Mar 2008|01:46pm]

After hearing the good news from Nao-san, I was had renew interest for Kiss x Kiss Seirei Gakuen! With burning passion I went to scan a few things. I drew Mizuki-kun ^^ (my favorite), I was a little unhappy with it due to the paper quality (I hate sketchbook paper, the only nice thing about it is that it makes skin tone look good.. everything else.. sighs..) and well (I was also using drawing pencils, I like an actual normal pencil.. but its a good thing to try new things.. drawing pencils are more for sketching though..) back to the point! I also made a calender two years ago of Kiss x Kiss, I could've done a better job now since I know more about it and that there was a CG gallery (took longer to figure.. sighs..)  Whatever, I'll go make a new one later. Once I play Kiss x Kiss Seirei Gakuen again. Boy that was fast typing! ; )

2008 Valentine's Day : Another thing, my scanner wasn't nice so.. a few things are cut off like 'Happy Valentine's Day' and the 2008..

Seirei Gakuen 2006 Calendar : It was being mean, my scanner had it in an angle.. so it looks funny when I went to chop it smaller and resize it.

I will continue my contribution, (drawing fanart.. >.>) and Kiss x Kiss Seirei Gakuen will succeed many hearts! Okay, I should lay off of coffee now..
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Hello~! [29 Jan 2008|04:57pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


I've been playing the game for two years off and on. There's a really great Japanese site I've been using to tell me the calender days, items, and when one gets cinematic images.

If anyone is interested I can post that stuff up- it makes the game SOOO much easier if you know where everyone is at almost all times. Since I was a rather on again off again player, I've only played it through 3 or so times.

I've studied Japanese for four years at my college, so I'm not too terrible. I also have access to really good speakers- so I suppose I could try and translate stuff. I generally just kind of guesstimate what people are saying and wing it.

Oh, my name is Susan. Nice to meet you all. XD

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Hehe, we have secret fans! [01 Dec 2007|09:57am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I was looking for some information on Kiss x Kiss: Seirei Gakuen because I am writing about it in my 'My Personal Favorites' report, it's for English so I might as well express my love for the game ^^ Anyways I came crashing into this forums of something.. not an idea yet, but I'm still in a hurry to get my homework done.

Click Here actually it's a bit outdated, but still. It's good to know we have other fans out there! Another one!   Someone actually put up a download link for people to play Kiss x Kiss: Seirei Gakuen.. WOW ^^

Hehe, also I found this: the five main characters profiles   !! I wish I could read it properly, the translation is kind of weird.. but it makes some sense. I can't read the characters though, I will need to install that language package thing. Funny, this isn't the site I got the cheat codes from, but still it might not be. So, here you go.  I think we need to advertise the community =), grab the lost Kiss x Kiss fans out of doom and here ^^

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