Dr. Nguyen (shokora_kafe) wrote in seirei_gakuen,
Dr. Nguyen

It has been a long time since this place has updated...

I was thinking to myself and I thought we should try to spread the word of the game. You know update the wikipedia page, have a separate page for the game as well. The manga and the game itself are two different things. We could add character bio, what they like and etc. Good idea? Or make an unofficial site? Or update Tabi's anyways? Should we have more dicussion on this topic?

Any progress with translating the game? Or uploading scans of the manga? Only chapter one of Kiss Kiss is translated. Maybe we could do a scanlation on it or something? Maybe I have too many ideas going on, but can we really let this community die?
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Updating Wikipedia could be a good idea ♥ I've never updated any Wiki pages so I don't really know how it works, but we could give it a go XDD

I really should update the website, other than the side for my fanfics I've been really bad at updating it -_- I had been thinking, over the last little while, that I should make sites for the manga artists I like that don't seem to get much representation (that is, Yagami Chitose and Rei Omishi ♥) but again, I've not done that yet XD *is terrible at actually, you know, getting around and doing things*

Every once in a while I get the urge like "I'M TOTALLY GOING TO LEARN HOW TO HACK A ROM AND TOTALLY GET INTO THE SEIREI GAME". Then I spend hours on Google not understanding things and giving up, haha. It looks like the sort of thing that I wouldn't really be able to get my head around (lots of numbers Dx) and even if I did, I don't have any l33t translation skills to go any further than that :/ to do that sort of thing we'd need 1) a dedicated game hacker and 2) a dedicated Japanese translator and, well, it seems like those things are in short supply on t'intarwebs ^^;;

That's the other problem with translating the manga - I have the manga, but though I've thought about scanslations and that sort of thing before, I think I'd really need to pick up another copy of the three books to do it properly (spine-bending Dx *is obsessive about her books*) and, again, it'd require somebody who, you know, actually knew Japanese... I mean, I want to spread the word of the game as much as anybody (well, more than most people, maybe XD;;) but my skills really aren't in the areas where it'd be useful Dx

I did however upload all my Seirei fanart to Deviantart, so... well, I don't know if that'd do anything, but XD;
I tried translating the rom and I only translated like a sentence where your mother is yelling at you.. so.. I felt so horrible at it. Although I did get some experience out of it. I need a better understanding of the language to fully-translated it and read it. I used so many free translation website, I had to look up the kanji and look off a hiragana/katakana chart. Wow it was a pain and I didn't get far. Sighs. But I did got the food/hobby chart done due to that website you gave me ^^ Maybe I will try to translate the items' name or give it a go anyways....

Ah, I almost forgot! Do you think we could add a category in Fanfiction for Kiss x Kiss? In Anime/Manga or Games? I'm not sure how it works, but maybe we can post up the fanfiction there and it might help spread the word! Maybe my ideas are getting out of hand though... hmm... And maybe we could register that fanlisting site that for Kiss x Kiss? But then again.. there are not a lot of fans. Sighs...
Well, it is difficult ^^ I've got a few scenes typed into NJStar and a lot of screengrabs to refer to (at the moment, I'm a bit concerned in that in some of Takumu and Kazuya's paths, I've come across them talking about the Student Council elections, and being sad about it and all and I'm like WHAT. because I've never quite understood the system, and have now written about it in many fanfics in a way that makes sense to me, but is probably wrong, and lkfjlsjfdlk gahh) but yeah, it's like... I can read hiragana and katakana, but understanding it in conjunction with kanji is where I fall down (I was never good at tenses and things in any other foriegn languages either ^,^;;)... I can get the basics of what a scene is about ("OMG Takumu's talking about the Student Council dissolution!? What?!") but I don't think I could really be anything other than vague about it~. Most of the items are pretty self-explanatory though, since they've got pictures, and most of them are in katakana ♥.

Well, I've been trying to add a fanfiction section for Seirei at Mediaminer.org for years now, and while other small fandoms have popped up there, Seirei never has Dx at Deviantart... we could, but I don't think I'd be able to post much of my fanfiction there XD (that is, Deviantart doesn't allow porn-type things to be posted, and I think a lot of my fanfiction kind of toes the edge...)

I've thought about a fanlisting before ♥ I've got two already, I could always try updating the site with one ♥. I mean, you say there aren't a lot of fans but there are already 25 people in this community, which is about 23 people more than I thought would join it after I made it XD my other fanlistings don't have many members either, but it couldn't hurt ♥.