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A novel?


It looks like there might be a novel of Manga Mitai na Koi Shitai? Anybody with any real grasp of Japanese able to confirm/deny/give more information on this? I did see in previous blog posts that she was talking about something to do with that series, but a novel... that's pretty unexpected ^^ (auu, it's hard enough with manga, there's no way I could understand anything of a novel...)

In any case, whatever's going on, it looks like it's on sale now, though I did a search on t'Japanese Amazon and couldn't find anything there, so maybe it's not up there yet. I'll keep an eye out, anyway.

Tomoya's looking good there, isn't he? ♥.
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To sum up what she wrote about novel: the Manga Mitai na Koi Shitai novel is on sale, there's a big mistake on the illustration but it doesn't affect the story content, and "Please buy and read it, if you wish".
Hmn~, interesting, I wonder what went wrong? Well, when I can I'll pick it up anyway even though I won't be able to understand it, haha. I wonder what more there was of Tomoya and Rena's story to tell? :o