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I updated my fanfics website and figured that the fics I updated were harmless enough to post to Livejournal as well (since Livejournal's War on Fandom I've been a bit paranoid -__-;;), so, here they are ♥.

Cocoon - Keigo/Yoshikuni
Summary: Years after Seirei Gakuen, Yoshikuni faces the prospect of his university graduation. Despite this, he still finds himself haunted by things that happened back then and even long past those days, he still finds a way to inflict this on those around him.

Rainfall - Keigo, Yoshikuni, Akihiro
Summary: The rain falls and Keigo watches.

The Law - Shin/Akihiro
Summary: Shin and Akihiro seem to base their relationship on things left unspoken. This, too, seems to be one of their conditions.

Small Steps - Akihiro/Shin
Summary: The final day spent at Seirei Gakuen brings the graduation ceremony; Shin takes some time to think over what this means before going to meet with Akihiro afterward, then wondering what that means.

I'd wanted to do more birthday!pictures for the Seirei boys, but my tablet decided it'd be a good idea to pack up Dx I've got it sorted now but between October and now, I've missed a bunch of birthdays (wah Shin wahh)~. Well, there's no harm in catching up, I suppose.

I also scanslated one of the little omake chapters from... I think it was volume two, of the manga? I'll post that up at some point ♥. Need to retrieve it off my other hard drive~. Just one of the short ones since my Japanese isn't up to much, but even I was able to understand what was going on in that one enough to do something like that XD
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