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Generate the summer fun?

I wanted to suggest an idea, and feel free to agree or disagree, but perhaps to make the community a bit more lively we can begin an event here. Something like, here is a few screenshots from the game and think up creatively what the heck is going on or what the character is saying. It could as naughty as our fangirl imagination, or something reasonable, and if anyone is free, they could translate the scene and see whether or not our answers were right on the mark or way off. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

We could always type down a list of wishful thinking, for example "I want to go swimming with Mizuki, and then I drown, but he saves with CPR", or something less detailed "I want to be Kazuya's model!" and etc. Another fun activity which is usually found on forums is "You know you are addicted to ______ when" if anyone wants to try that too.

I was thinking that maybe to bring more visitors and, or members into the community is by making kiss x kiss seirei gakuen videocaming the gameplay. That is how I got into other otome games, just by looking up one and then another, and then another!

But I may be wrong with these ideas, because I do not exactly know what the community needs perhaps. Anyways I look forward to your ideas, and opinions!
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